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LUX™ MAX Electric Multi-Cooker

LUX™ MAX Electric Multi-Cooker


Product Description

From Pressure Cooking to Yogurt Making and Everything in between!! The Fagor LUX MAX Multi-Cooker is a state of the art electric cooker that replaces four appliances in one machine. It is a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker and yogurt maker all-in-one with food specific functions for Eggs, Beans, Meat, Chicken and Vegetables. Additional assist functions such as brown, sauté, simmer, steam and keep warm make this unit a one pot cooking vessel. It also includes a Time Delay feature that allows you to postpone cooking for up to 6 hours.

4 Cooking Programs & 5 Preset Functions

  • Pressure Cooking:

    Reduce your cooking time up to 70% compared to traditional cooking methods. Choose between high and low pressure to prepare a great variety of meals in minutes. Cook risotto in 7 minutes, chicken in 10 minutes and even cheesecake in 30 minutes!
  • Slow Cooking:

    Prepare classics such as pot roasts, soups and stews. Choose Between high and low temperature settings. Add ingredients in the morning and dinner will be waiting for you.
  • Rice Cooking:

    With three separate functions for White Rice, Brown Rice and Risotto, you will get perfectly cooked rice at the push of a button.
  • Yogurt Maker:

    Allows you to safely pasteurize the milk and incubate your yogurt in one pot. You can also make Greek Yogurt!
  • Preset Functions:

    For Eggs, Beans, Meat, Chicken and Vegetables. They are equipped with their own cooking time and pressure levels to easily cook foods to perfection.

Assist Cooking Functions

  • Brown and Saute:

    Allowing you to brown and saute your foods in the same pot before cooking.
  • Simmer:

    Extract flavors without boiling away the cooking liquid and deepen your sauces.
  • Steam:

    Cook your vegetables and fish with steam and preserve their nutrients during the cooking process.
  • Keep Warm:

    Launches at the end of your cooking time to ensure food will remain warm until the unit is shut off.
  • Time Delay:

    Allows you to delay cooking up to 6 hours.

Comes With

  • Stainless Steel removable cooking pot that is dishwasher safe, which is where all cooking takes place.
  • Stainless Steel dishwasher safe steamer basket with trivet
  • User's manual.
  • Recipe booklet.
  • Free digital recipe book with over 120 recipes. 

Warranty Information

1 year Limited Warranty

Technical Specs

Pressure Cooker:
Slow Cooker:
Rice Cooker:
Yogurt Maker:

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